Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Pretty simple really.  I will meet you at City Hall on your wedding day.  The grand staircase is a good place for that.  We will make sure you check in on-time and confirm your appointment with the officials.  Usually the first activity is photographing the ceremony and then go around to multiple spots throughout the building (some obvious, some not).  Family and friend shots are encourage, so don't worry if that is included or not.  Most likely, we will end up outside City Hall as our last location, getting a few shots with the building in the background.

Within a day or two, I will create you a smartphone app and put some of your photos in it.  This provides you a mobile album of sorts and something you can share with others.  In the weeks ahead, I will polish all your images; providing a download link so that you may gain possession of every image.

Are the images in high-resolution?  Are they watermarked?

Yes, the images are typically a few megabytes in size each (specifically 1800x1200, at 300 dpi).  But the images do not contain any annoying watermarks.  You can use these files to order your own prints from whomever you want.  You can even create your own wedding album if you wish.

What do you do if one or both of us is camera shy?

Some people love the camera, others dread it.  I welcome working with couples no matter how they feel and also see that it is a part of my job to work with you for who you are.  

People who are camera shy usually have never having been in a professional shoot before.  When a hobbyist takes a camera shot, a forced smile, face-on look into the camera often results.  I even dread when that happens to me!  

So what I do is make myself approachable, sound a friendly tone, and photograph a couple just wanting to be with each other.  In my portfolio are many examples of people just having fun or sneaking away for a quiet moment.

Do you provide any print or album services.

Yes, but only if you want them.  I do not force you to purchase them through me.  My work is top-notch and much higher quality than you can get from a typical printer.  If you bundle either of them in with your order, you will receive a discount.  See my package deals.  But if you decide to order them after your wedding, no problem.  You will still receive a high quality result at economical prices.

Can I post the images onto social media sites?

Absolutely.  You can do that with the files themselves or through the smartphone app.

What is my next step?

The best thing to do is reserve your time slot after you have set up your wedding date and time with the City Hall.  I take my clients on as a first come, first served basis and guarantee your reservation with me.  Check on your date under the menu option to contact me.


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